Affiliate Marketing in hindi जानिये क्या है Affiliate Marketing

kya hai Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process by which you can earn commission by promoting or recommending a company’s product.
Through affiliate marketing, you can share the affiliate link of a product or service on your blog or website or social media.
Due to this, the sales of the company increase, as well as you also get a good commission without making any product. Whenever a customer makes a purchase by clicking on your affiliate link, you will get a commission.
The commission of every product is different. This method is very good to earn passive income.

Example of Affiliate Marketing

Suppose you have to earn commission by selling the phone of a mobile company, now what you have to do, let’s know.
First of all you have to make a good post in which you have to tell about that mobile in detail.

The features of that mobile, its price, its camera quality and any special features that make it different and better than other phones.
Now you have to give your affiliate link at the bottom of your post, by clicking on which your reader will reach the website of that product.
Now if he buys from the things you told, then you will get commission.
There are many websites that review the products sold on Amazon.

Which product should you take according to your need, by comparing them and showing you what you want to take, it becomes easy for you and they give you their affiliate link and beige on amazon website.

Let us know some important definitions


People who promote products by joining an affiliate program are called affiliates.

Affiliate Program

Websites that run such programs, from which those websites commission on promoting the product.

Such programs are called affiliate programs.

Affiliate link

When we join affiliate program, a link is generated to promote the products, it is called affiliate link.

The right way to do affiliate marketing

Friends, Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business, which if done properly can become very profitable.

The best way to do affiliate marketing is by writing a post about the product on your blog or website.

You have to write the content as if you are explaining to a friend or relative about a product and not like a sales person.

Yes you are selling something but if your blog starts looking like a commercial blog then your visitors will not find it interesting to read the blog.

If you do not know which companies offer affiliate programs, then you can search about it on google. Well all the big companies run this program.

The company you want to know about whether that company runs an affiliate or not, you can search on google by writing the name of the company and writing affiliate next to it.

You can register for the Affiliate program and get your link from there.

But you must read the terms and conditions of that company.

You do not have to pay any money to register.

After the link is generated, you just have to put that link on the post of your blog.

Where can you do affiliate marketing?


Many people do blogging to earn money from affiliate marketing. ,

If you want to earn more money from affiliate marketing, then you can do it by creating a blog.


People like to watch videos a lot these days.

In such a situation, you can start a youtube channel and make videos and put your affiliate link in the description.


If you have facebook account then you can create a page

Or you can create a Facebook group.

On these groups, you can put your link by giving information about the product.


If you have a smart phone then you must be using whatsapp too.

You can give the link of your product to the group by creating a whatsapp group.

How to bring traffic to affiliate marketing?

Due to lack of traffic on the website, many people go back after working for a few days.

Let us know how to bring you traffic.

write good content

It takes time to write good content, but write the content in such a way that it can get the attention of the visitor.

SEO techniques

Learn SEO-technique, use it well on your blog. More and more organic traffic will come from using your seo properly.

Paid traffic

Most of the people use facebook ads or google ads to bring traffic on affiliate marketing.

But you can bring traffic to the website for free by using social media properly and with the help of search engines.

Some questions that arise in the mind of the people-

Can google adsense and affiliate marketing be done together?
Yes, you can do affiliate marketing with google adsense.

Do I have to do a course for affiliate marketing?
No, you can easily get all the information by searching it on google.

Do you read to pay for affiliate marketing?
No, it is free, if someone is taking money, then you should not join the program of that company, although it is free.

Is it necessary to have a blog for affiliate marketing?

No, it is not necessary.

Friends, we hope that you must have liked this information about affiliate marketing in hindi.
If you learn affiliate marketing well then you can definitely earn extra income.
If you have any question or suggestion in your mind then you can definitely write to us by commenting or visiting contact us.

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