Ameesha Patel opens up on rumoured boyfriend Faisal Patel’s ‘marriage proposal’

Ameesha Patel is one of those actresses who keeps her private life away from the media. However, her latest tweet on Faisal Patel’s birthday has created a buzz on social media.

Ameesha Patel opens up on rumoured boyfriend Faisal Patel’s ‘marriage proposal’

For the unversed, Faisal Patel is the son of late Congress leader Ahmed Patel and is very close to Ameesha Patel. It all started on his birthday (December 30), when Ameesha took to Twitter and penned a heartfelt birthday wish for him. While sharing a collage of photos, she wrote, “Happy Birthday my darling Faisal Patel, love you, have a good year.”

To her tweet, Faisal had replied, “I’m formally proposing in public. Will you marry me?” However, he later deleted his reply, but the tweet left Ameesha’s fans in excitement.

The actress cleared the rumoured by saying that she is just friends with him. According to Hindustan timed, “It is hilarious! Faisal and I go back a long way. We have known each other for years. I am friends with him and his sister. That message was just an internal joke between us. There is nothing more to it. I am single and I am happy being single. I am not interested in being in a relationship right now. Faisal is someone who loves to crack these jokes.”

Anisha explained, “I told him that you shouldn’t have deleted the message and that I would have replied to the post in my style. But he said that he started getting calls from people. You see this is what happens with public figures, you can’t even joke in public.”

She further said, “Both of us share political backgrounds. My grandfather, Barrister Rajni Patel, worked with (former Indian PM) Indira Gandhi, while Mr Ahmed Patel worked with Sonia Gandhi. Our families have known each other for three generations. I was very close to Ahmed uncle. Faisal and I share common friends, too.”

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