Attack part :1 movie review

The stylish part of Attack Part 1 happens in its first ten twinkles. A special unit of the Indian army enters the adversary home, much like the notorious Seal Team 6, which raided Osama Bin Laden’s emulsion in Pakistan and capture a terrorist cell leader.

The Attack movie review part 1

The action is set to first person mode and we get to hear and feel what the dogfaces are going through. You say cutthroat in your heart and someone is getting the action right. Latterly, the commanding officer of the special unit, Arjun Shergill (John Abraham), gets paralysed from neck down when terrorists attack an field. His gal Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandez) gets killed in the attack. Arjun gets a alternate shot at playing loyalist when a scientistDr. Sabaha Qureshi (Rakul Preet Singh) takes him on as a guinea gormandizer for her super dogface program. A chip is implanted in his brain and through that a resemblant nervous system is introduced in his body, bypassing the body’s own system. He sluggishly connects with the system, which grants him metahuman strength, dexterity and intelligence. The super processor also acts as his eyes and cognizance, seamlessly feeding him information from its total database and through direct satellite connection.

The connection is n’t completely secure, still. And before he could gain total command over his redundant capacities, the Indian congress, with the Prime Minister outside, becomes the target of the terrorists. They ’re fortified with the rearmost ordnance and widgets and soon assume control of the situation. It’s leftism to Arjun to right the wrongs. He successfully infiltrates the emulsion and starts killing the enemies one by one. Meanwhile, the government’s sweats to negotiate with the terrorists prove unprofitable. Arjun’s connection with the computer shuts down at this juncture. The situation spirals out of control and all would be lost if he does n’t get online soon …

The plot is heavily espoused from similar different sources as RoboCop (1987), Die Hard (1988), Universal Soldier (1992) and Olympus Has Fallen (2013). Principally it’s a blend of super dogface pictures and lone wolf dramatizations. The metahuman arrives like Deus ex machina to save the day and everyone lives happily ever later.

We could have done with further scenes where Arjun is coming to grips with his new reality. Songs too were n’t demanded in such afilm.However, also why take pot shots at India’s political reality, Ifnon-stop action was the docket. Yes, it’s true that the media gives its own spin to every situation and so does the political ministry but doling this bit of reality in a film which idolises a super dogface comes across as jarring. Ever, the situation has been made too easy for our idol. The director could have shown that he’s transferred to handle the situation when traditional styles have failed. It’s largely doubtful that the army will try to do nothing and just calculate on a single existent.

All that being said, the action sequences are world class indeed. The final battle, where Arjun single-handedly takes piecemeal an entire legion of terrorists is slickly arranged. The high speed chase sequence which follows is indeed better. It’s the stylish we ’ve seen in Bollywood so far. Take the fact that John looks good on a bike and we’ve a winner on our hands.

It’s not a film where John mouths lurid dialogue about nationalism. The chauvinism is kept to the minimum. The specialized finesse is emotional but the story and the script demanded to be worked on further.

Jacqueline Fernandez was rigorously taken to up the oomph quotient and looks gorgeous indeed. Rakul Preet Singh plays a scientist with a heart and looks the part. Both the girls haven’t important to do really in the film. We see Prakash Raj in a film after a long time. He plays a security counsel who’s all for investing in the super dogface programme. Ratna Pathak Shah too makes a brief appearance as Arjun’s distrait mama. Elham Ehsas makes his presence felt as the terrorist leader.

The film rests exactly on John Abraham’s shoulders and plays to his strengths. He completely looks like a pumped-up super dogface who’s willing to do anything for the sake of his country. It’s a part knitter- made for him and he delivers on all fronts. He’s completely involved in the stylised action and deserves all the seetis. Now that his credentials have been developed in part 1, let’s hope the alternate part sees him in a bigger, more enhanced icon.

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