Basic knowledge of computer panel

Computer Ke Control Panel Ki Basic Jankari

Computer control panel details

The control panel in our computer or laptop is a very useful thing, only with the help of this you can set up your computer, some people do not even know that whose settings are in the control panel or they are never needed. Had to go to the control panel, but there would have been some special thing in the control panel, which you might not know.

The information about the configuration or specification of your entire computer is in your control panel, which window is in your computer, which version, how much speed, all this information is in the control panel itself.

Computer Ke Control Panel Ki Basic Jankari

As you can see in the photo that there are many options in the control panel. But I will tell which of these are used more.

Device Manager

Device Manager is used to connect the internal hardware and software of our computer, such as if you put a mouse in your computer, then that mouse is hardware and the functionality on your window will be with the help of a software. Device Manager works to connect the two.

With the help of Device Manager, you can see that whatever device is connected to your computer is properly connected and working properly or not and with the help of Device Manager, you can check the connection of that hardware and software. can check.

Computer Ke Control Panel Ki Basic Jankari

Devices And Printers

Like Device Manager, it is also used to connect hardware and software, in Device Major, you can connect the internal hardware of your computer to the software or view it, in the same way you can see the external hardware in it like That’s where you can see the External Keyboard, External Mouse, Printer, Scanner etc. while connecting and setting them from here. can connect.

As you can see in the above photo an audio bluetooth device is connected and a mobile bluetooth is connected so if you have connected any device before then here you will see it.


In the setting of the display, you can increase or decrease the size of your computer’s display, rotate it and if you want to see your display by zooming, then you can also see your display by zooming with the help of Magnifying. You will find the setting of more display on the home screen of your computer, where you go to the home screen and right click, then there you will get the option of setting the display of your computer and by clicking on it and you will be the setting of your computer’s display. can do.

File Explorer Options

With the help of File Explorer, you can make settings of all the folders on your computer, such as whether you want to open the folder with double click or single click or you want to open the folder in a new window or in the same window. I want to open

And with the help of this option, you can also set the file settings of your computer like if you want to hide any folder, then with the help of this option you can hide or show that folder back.

With this option, you can also set the settings of your computer’s files, such as if you want to change the extension of any file like song.mp3 and you do not want anyone to listen to it, then you can change its extension so that That it will not be an MP3 and no one will be able to play it, similarly if you want any file that no one can open it, then you remove the extension of that file like “Aapkifile.Text” from this if you remove  .Text If given, this file will not open.


If you do photo editing in your computer or use tax for designing, then it is very important for you to know about the phone and in this option you can see all the posts on your computer if you install a new phone in your computer. Whatever you want to do, you will need this option, in this option of the phone, you can install any new phone in your computer and delete any installed photo back.

To install fonts, you only have to download fonts from the internet, if the fonts are downloaded in ZIP file, then first extract it and there is a .ttf file inside it, you have to double click on it and you will see a pop up window in which you have to You will get the install option, as soon as you click on it, your phone will be installed in your computer and you will see it in this Font folder of the phone control panel and to install in another way, you can simply lift the downloaded font in this folder. Even if you put it, the font will be installed automatically.

Internet Options

If you use the Internet in your computer, then it is very important for you to be aware of this option.

In Internet Options, the option of General TAB is used for Internet Explorer, which is the window’s own Internet browser. If you want, we keep Google.Com set in the home page so that whenever we click on the top of the home page, Google will come out, you can set any other website instead of Google.

After this, in the Security Key tab, you get some more options related to the website, such as if you want to block a website on your computer so that that website will not open on your computer, for this you can access that website from the Restricted Sites option. can block.


There is no need to change much in the setting of the keyboard, in this, we can increase or decrease the speed of repetition of whatever character we write, so we do not need to change anything in the keyboard.


In language setting, we can add different types of language to our computer or say we can add more languages ​​to our computer if you want to see your computer in Hindi language and want to write in Hindi language So here you have to click on Add A Language and select Hindi language and your Hindi language will come here, similarly you can add any other language here.

Computer Ke Control Panel Ki Basic Jankari


Mouse is the most important device of the computer, mother, without it we probably do not even think of running the computer, in the option of mouse, you can do a lot of chatting with your mouse, so first of all you get the option of button configuration in the mouse so that you can use your mouse. You can change the mouse buttons, such as if you want that the work that you do left-clicking, right-clicking and the work that R-right-clicking does the same thing as left-clicking, then you can do this by clicking on Switch Primary And Secondary Buttons. can.


After this, you can increase or decrease the double click speed of your mouse, most of us use double click in the mouse, so to increase or decrease the speed of double click, you can slow down its speed in the option of Double Click Speed. Or you can fast, here you have been given 1 point, with the help of which you can control its speed.

After this, in the pointer key tab, you can change the pointer of your mouse, you can change its design, but we do not need much of it.

And after this, there are some options of Pointer from where you can set the pointer, wherever we move the pointer of the mouse, we can also increase or decrease its speed on the display, here in the option of Motion, its speed is Slow. Or you can fast, then you can set as much fast or slow as you want with the help of pointer and after setting you have to apply it then only this speed will work.

Network And Sharing Center

If you use the Internet on your computer, then it is very important for you to know about the Network & Sharing Center option. When your computer is connected to the Internet, then you can see that connection in the Network & Sharing Center and all its Property and its setting can also be done here and here we can create more network or for broadband also we can create dialog option from here and if your computer is not connecting to internet there is any problem So you can also do strong suits from here.

When your computer is connected to the Internet, then by clicking on the connection you will see here, you will see all its details, you will get information about all the speed at which data is being uploaded and how much speed is being downloaded and for that. Also, you will get its setting inside it, from where you can edit or change its setting, that is why it is very important for you to have Network & Sharing Center information.


If you want to change your computer’s theme wallpaper, then you can use Personal-I-Json (Personalization) option, here you can change the design of your computer or here you can install new theme on your computer. So that the look of your computer will change completely and from here you can also change the color of your computer and from here you can change the sound effect of your computer like when we click on somewhere, the sound that comes or When an error comes, you can control all the sound that comes from here.


But to open this option, you do not need to come to the control panel, you can go directly to its settings by right clicking on the home screen of your computer and clicking on the Personalization option and from there you can go to your computer. Can change theme or wallpaper

Programs And Features

All the software installed in your computer will appear in the program and teacher’s option. From here you can easily find out the size and version of those software and with this you can delete those software from your computer. There are software which are unnecessary in your computer which you cannot use, then you should remove them from your computer so that your computer works better.


All the audio settings of our computer are from the option of this sound, whether we want to listen to the audio or record the audio in the computer with the help of mic, then whatever setting is there, it is in the option of all the sound. If there is no sound in your headphone or speaker due to the audio driver, then you can fix it by coming to this sound option.

From here you can control the sound of your speaker, along with this, if you want your computer’s Master Volume to remain full and the software which is giving the audio output, the sound of that software is low, then you can also set it from here. And if you want to keep the sound of the mic low when you are recording, then you can also increase or decrease the sound of your mic from here.


With the system option, you can find out the configuration of your computer, which window is installed in your computer and how much GB RAM is in your computer and which processor it has and how much speed is that processor, then you will get all this information about this system. If it is found in the option, then if someone asks you what is the qualification of your computer, then you can show it by opening the system option.


Trouble shooting is such a tool in the window, with the help of which we can correct the error and problem that comes in the window, such as if you have any software of the old version which used to work on the old version of the window but now you have installed the new window. If that software does not work on it, then you can run that software on your new window with the help of trouble shooting.

And similarly if you have connected any new hardware device to your computer and it is not connecting properly or not working properly then you can connect it properly with the help of trouble shooting and Can get it working properly.

In this post, you have been told about Control Panel in Hindi, what is Control Panel, what is Control Panel, what is Control Panel in Hindi, Control Panel Definition, Control Panel Definition, if you have any other questions or suggestions, then definitely by commenting below. Ask. And do share this post so that others can also know this information.

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