STORY : When a mysterious evil force is wreaking annihilation on the megacity, Dr Stephen Strange and Wong be to deliver a youthful teenager, who can travel multiple worlds aka multiverse. But saving her comes at an unanticipated cost and consequences that neither of them are ready for.

REVIEW : Watching a film from any Marvel Cinematic Universe means that you formerly subscribe up for a many standard issue homilies that every addict and now indeed thenon-fans are well apprehensive of. So, the fun is always in getting the surprises that come along the way, in any form. Director Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead ballot, Spiderman trio) knows this only too well and dashingly works his way in organically erecting a narrative that can be executed with instigative rudiments of horror, fantasy, various visual goods and a clash of the superheroes. It’s a form that can not and does n’t go awry indeed when it’s erected on a simple ridiculous- book premise of saving the world ( multiple worlds in this case) from someone who has the absolute power. Of course, we ’re making it sound too simple and easy but‘Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’does have its share of complex characters with real feelings and tones of slate that one could argue are‘ reasonable’.
It’s a tightly knit script with little space for circumlocutory, lengthy scenes. Rather, Raimi cashes in on his moxie to make this one his strongest and the most vibrant film, visually with unmissable rudiments of horror. AsDr. Strange travels the multiverse and tackles new challenges, we see a diapason of unanticipated bijous that inclusively make for a thrilling face-off with the adversary.

Benedict Cumberbatch adeptly carries the film on his strong shoulders as the spruceDr. Strange, dutifully going about making the hard choices and offerings for the larger good. Still, this time there’s further toDr. Strange and his brand of justice, which is maybe the only layered aspect in this else straightforward story. Elizabeth Olsen’s wise and sagely persona works veritably well in persuading the followership of her cause as Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch, who emerges as a force to reckon with. Olsen’s pitch-perfect depiction of her character’s conviction is one of the crucial highlights of this film. Benedict Wong as Wong and Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer give good support. Xochitl Gomez is a welcome addition as the confused yet redoubtable America Chavez – a teenager, who possesses the ultimate power to switch between worlds.

Marvel has toyed with the conception of resemblant worlds before in Spider- Man No Way Home. While that film was a big nostalgia fest for Spider- Man suckers, this film is in a different league altogether. While it doesn”t fit under any kidney, it could astronomically be described as a horror film. But this kidney- bending film isn”t just limited to horror. It”s a swashbuckling adventure story as well and is a cracking origin movie for America Chavez”s character. It ties together the events of WandaVision and No Way Home and sort of indicates where the forthcoming Marvel flicks are heading. It”s a treasure trove of Easter eggs. Suckers would be agitating what they”ve discovered in the film for months to come.

Dr Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is having, well, strange dreams. In one of the dreams, he sees himself aiding teenager America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) against a giant octopus like monster. He wakes up disturbed, only to find that his dream wasn”t a dream at all but a representation of the factual events which happed to another Dr Strange in a resemblant macrocosm. He turns to the foremost expert on resemblant realities, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), who strangely is having dreams of her own – that of being the loving mama of two lovable sons …
In the first investiture of Dr Strange, he was shown to be an egotistical croaker hellbent on chancing a cure for his medical condition and willing to cross any boundaries to do so. Then, a more mellow side of him comes through. He’s shown nursing a broken heart in the film. He was reticent to propose to Dr Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) and tired of staying, she gets wedded to someone differently. Though the bond between them remains strong. In the absence of Iron Man, he was shown to be a tutor of feathers to Peter Parker,a.k.a The Spider- Man and then he takes another youthful superhero under his sect. Though he’s a reticent tutor and is apprehensive of the fact that America Chavez is developing a crush on him. Strangely, indeed though the film is named after the central character, Dr Strange, he ca n’t technically be said to be at the centre of it. That seat of honour belongs to Wanda Maximoff, also known as The Scarlet Witch. Wanda has been a supplemental character till now. Yes, they made a series on her but it’s then that she comes into the full force of her powers and let’s just say they ’re further than a match for Doctor Strange”s own redoubtable powers. Saying anything further would be giving into spoilers. Another supplemental character Wong (Benedict Wong), too gets a meaty part this time around. In all fairness, he should be getting a standalone film or a series all for himself.

Director Sam Raimi returns to the superhero kidney after Spider- Man 3 (2003). What a lift the original three flicks starring Tobey Maguire were. Serve to say this effect too packs helluva punch. Raimi is also known for his cult horror flicks like The Evil Dead. Imagine the blood, spear and the terror of his horror flicks married to the various and yet deeply moving narrative of his Spider- Manfilms.However, Raimi is the man for them, If Marvel ever decides to make a film on their Marvel Zombies series of comics. Marvel flicks are known for their emotional core indeed amongst all the visual chaos and the VFX madness that they display and Raimi has made sure he stands true to the company’s vision despite making a monstrously individualistic product. Marvel may have produced but it remains a Sam Raimi film.
Benedict Cumberbatch looks like he was born to play Dr Strange. He makes us love and detest the character yet again. Not numerous actors would have made such a supernatural character credible and laurels to Cumberbatch for humanising Strange by bringing out his angst, pain and precariousness out in the open. Elizabeth Olsen displays both literacy and versatility in her depiction of Wanda Maximoff. She has shown that you can show dramatic capability in a superhero film as well. She goes through different tones of character through the course of the film and wins our sympathy. Marvel is showing signs of moving towards youngish icons. They’ve a Ms Marvel series coming up, featuring a South Asian superhero, the present Spider- Man is also a teenager and so is Miles Morales, the Spider- Man from another macrocosm. America Chavez is another superhero they ’re keen to develop farther and they could n’t have asked for a better actor than Xochitl Gomez to play the part. She’s a natural in front of the camera and is a unborn star to watch out for.

Both horror suckers and superhero suckers will rejoice at Sam Raimi’s return to form. The movie has commodity for everyone plus it contains power- packed performances by the entire ensemble cast. And it has plenitude of surprises to charge. In short, it’s a winner all the way, alright.

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