How To Make Video By Combining Photos With Apps And Websites

Here’s how to make a video from your photo? Put simply, photos are snapshots of the best moments of our lives. Just one picture can tell a million stories and reminds us of that time, wherever we go, we take photos with our mobile camera, and also share them with our friends, however you want. You can make video of those photos with music.

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how to make video by adding photo

You can create a video with pictures and music using a video editing app. Follow our tutorial below to learn the easiest way to make a video with pictures and music.

How to make video by combining photos

We will use Photo Slideshow With Music App to make a beautiful video of our photos, it has very good features to make videos, the special thing is that it is absolutely free application, let’s know how to use it.

Step: 1 DownloadPhoto Slideshow With Music App in your mobile

Step: 2 After this, open the app, when you open it for the first time, you will ask for permission, click on the Allow button.

Step: 3 Now click on the +  button at the bottom.

Step: 4 After that the gallery of mobile will open, now select the photo of which you want to make video, after selecting the photo hit on DONE  which is visible at the top.

Step: 5 Now a new page will open in which you will be asked to select video size, you can choose any video size like Instagram, Status and YouTube, I have clicked on Auto  here.

Step: 6 After clicking on Auto, the photo slide show is ready, now you can save it by clicking on the Save button at the top, but if you want to make your video more beautiful then at the bottom, change the theme. Can add tax can add music.

Photo Slideshow With Music You can add video clips and still images, timeline, transitions, and create stunning photo slideshows for professional or personal use. You can create a photo slideshow with music in no time. Simply add your photos, add transitions and choose your soundtrack. Create a photo slideshow in minutes, share it with family and friends or save it on your mobile.

how to make video from photo in computer

Now we are telling you how to make video from photo in computer. If you do not want to download Photo slide show App in your mobile and you have computer laptop then this is the best way, you can make beautiful video of image in few minutes.

Step: 1 First download Slideshow Maker in your computer. It’s very easy to use! Please note that the freeware can only be installed on Windows-based computers with Winston Vista or higher version. Save the installation file and launch it. For Slideshow Maker  to be installed correctly, you must be connected to the internet.

Step: 2 Then install it on your computer. Wait for the installation process to complete. By default, the application will start automatically. If you want to use it later, deselect the option to run the utility at the end of the installation.

Step: 3 Now open Freemake Slideshow Maker and click on “Photo” button.

Step: 4 Now select the photo from your computer, you can simply drag-n-drop the library into the app.

Stage: 4 Now beautify your slideshow with background track. Add an audio file that best suits your content. Then click “No audio” in the slideshow line and select your music. Please note that you can only add one non-protected song to your photo slideshow.

Step: 5 Now double-click on Slideshow with Music to launch the video editor. Here you are able to set the interval for each picture – from 1 second to 20 seconds. The longer the time period, the longer your slideshow will be. You’d better choose an interval of 5 seconds to get a video slideshow of several minutes.

Set transition effects if necessary. Freemake offers a special “panorama” effect that zooms in and out of photos in slideshows.

Preview the photo slideshow template to make sure it looks good. Click “OK” to proceed to the video creation step.

Step: 6 After that, you have to convert pictures and music to video. Select a format in which you want to save a presentation. If you want to share on a phone (both iPhone and Android), tablet, or online (e.g., embed on your blog or upload to Instagram), we recommend choosing the MP4 option. For TVs, choose AVI format. For older phone models, go 3GP and so on. Use the “to YouTube output” option to upload photos to YouTube directly from the program interface.

Click a button with the required extension. Then choose one of the ready format which you need. If you have a specific gadget, you can create a custom profile for it with the necessary settings such as video resolution, codec, bitrate, and more.

Set up a folder for your new photo presentation. Click on the “Convert” button and wait for a while.

When the video file is ready, you can upload it to your device, share with friends online, or embed it in your WordPress blog with the free Freecam Slider plugin.

FAQ on how to make video by combining photos

How to make a video with photos and music on Windows 10?

Freemake Slideshow Maker runs on all recent Windows versions including Win 10. Download this tool. To create a slideshow with your personal photo collection and a background song, please follow the steps above.

How to make a memorial slideshow with music for a family collection?

To keep your family photos stylishly and in a safe place, we recommend that you export your slideshows to a USB stick or DVD disc.

Alternatively, you can save your project in a PC-friendly video format (AVI or WMV) and keep it on your hard drive for a long time.

How to add text to video slideshow?

You can add a text message to go with your pictures in any picture editor, for example MS Paint. Just do it before you create the slideshow video clip. Make sure the image files are of good resolution for reading text on a large screen. When creating a presentation, you can mix your photos with other people’s text.

Is it possible to combine photos and video clips in a slideshow?

Yes, your final video file can contain another video clip at the beginning or end of the slideshow. All you have to do is switch on the join option in the top right corner of the main window. Then follow steps 4-5 to convert your media to slides.

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