How to remove background of image/photo in 1 click

In this post I will tell you 1 Click Me Image/Photo Ka Background Kaise Remove Kare Many times we need to remove background of any photo, there are many android applications and computer software to remove background of image but today we In the method I am going to tell you, you do not need any computer software and mobile application. So you read the post carefully from beginning to last, we are going to give you complete information about changing photo image background.

You can remove background of photo of any photo you want to remove background online. By removing the background of the photo, you can use that image in any software or you can also edit that image online, and you can do this work in both computer and mobile. Online Kisi bhi photo ya image se logo watermark Kaise hataye We have already told you about this, and we have also told you Video Se Logo Watermark Remove Kaise Kare {how to remove or remove} You can read this post Huh.

By changing the background of image photo you can share with your friends on social media and get more likes on that photo, or if you are a blogger or youtuber then to create image for your blog post and your youtube video To create thumbnails, sometimes a photo is needed whose background is removed.

When we remove image background from any software or application, it takes us a lot of time, but the way we are going to tell you how to change image background remover is very simple. Only you have to visit the website and upload your photo, after uploading the photo the background of the photo will be changed.

If you want, you can download it or you can change its background there, that is, you can put any photo in the background, and change the background and download it, although there are many websites to change the image. But the website I am going to tell you is one of the best website to change image background remover.

For this you do not need to pay any money, you can remove the background of your image online for free and change the background and save that photo in your computer or mobile and then share with your friends. You can do it and use it wherever you want.

How to remove background of image/photo in 1 click

Many images are such that we have to work very hard to remove the background, but still the background of that photo is not removed properly, but you do not need to do any hard work in this as soon as you upload the image. The background of the image will be changed automatically and then you can download that image and use it in any software in which you edit the photo in Photoshop or any software.

If you want to reduce the size of any image online, that too without spoiling the quality then you read this post online Photo image Ka Size Kam Change Ya Compress Kaise KareYou can reduce the size of any image by reading this post .

1 Click Me Image Ka Background Kaise Hataye Kare

To remove the background of a photo image, I have also made a YouTube video to change the background, which I have added to the last of the post, you can also remove the background of any photo by watching this video of ours and change the background. So let’s start with photo ka background badalna, photo ka background kaise badle, for this you follow this tape below.

Step 1. First of all go to

Step 2. Now click on the upload image  button and select the photo from your computer or mobile, the background of whichever photo you want to change.

Step 3. As soon as the photo is uploaded, you will see that the background of the photo uploaded by you has been removed. As you are seeing in this resort, now you can download this photo by clicking on the Download button.

Photo Ka Background Kaise Change Kare

Step 6: To edit the photo, click on the Edit button, if you want to add any color in the background, then click on the color button and if you want to add a photo, click on the photo, after that you will see many background images. You can apply any background image from these, if you want to put an image in the background from your computer or mobile, then you can do it by clicking on Select a photo.

Step 7: After changing the background, click on the ok button, then by clicking on Download, you can download that image, still if you do not understand, then you can watch our video and if you like the video, then friends must like the video. .
In this way you can change background of image of any photo online without software without mobile application, change background, delete background and change background.

how to change background of photo in mobile

To change the background of the photo in mobile, you can edit the background of any photo as mentioned above and if you have to edit a lot of photos, then we are telling you the Best Background Remover Apps, you can google it for free. You can download it from the Play Store, so let’s know which is the background removal application.

Best Background Remover Apps

Although there are many applications available on the Internet to remove the background of photos, but we are telling you about the Best Background Remover Apps, it is very easy to use, as soon as you upload the photo, its background will be deleted automatically, then you You can save it in your mobile.

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