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Jug jug jeeyo full movie review

Jug jug jeeyo full movie review
Jug jug jeeyo full movie review

A montage of Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani’s romance may be seen during the movie’s opening credits. Until the surprise thuds in, it appears to be a conventional Bollywood love story.

Since he was a youngster, Kuku (Varun) has adored Naina (Kiara). They shared a childhood, eventually got married, and moved to Canada. However, their marriage is in trouble five years later.

They choose not to inform their parents for the time being as they wish to split ways “Ginny, his younger sister, is getting married soon (Prajakta Koli).

However, things become much more challenging when Kuku “When asked if he wants to divorce his wife Geeta, Bheem’s father (Anil Kapoor) drops a bomb (Neetu Kapoor). Ginny, meantime, is also having second thoughts about her forced union.

The movie is fully relevant thanks to Raj Mehta. no matter “whether the conflict between a spouse who is professionally successful and one who is failing,

the sorrow of living away from home, the temptation to accept an arranged marriage merely to feel “settled,” or the social expectations for couples to have children within a certain time frame.

Certainly, the middle class can connect to all of this. However, the therapy isn’t “, but it took a comic turn instead of leaning heavily on melodrama.

Jug jug jeeyo full movie review
Jug jug jeeyo full movie review

The movie cuts from one circumstance to another, keeping you interested the entire time. While the son first supports the father to keep the family together, the movie is progressive in that it later portrays the son standing alone.

Later, he rebels for his mother’s sake. Despite being on the edge of separation herself, the daughter-in-law shares her mother-in-pain. law’s The key in this situation is to empower women and resist the conventional saat janmo ka bandhan.

Jug jug jeeyo full movie review

It all comes down to loving your family despite all of their flaws. Instead of being models of virtue, the characters in the movie are flawed humans. JugJugg Jeeyo is a family drama with a contemporary, realistic touch that is reminiscent of Sooraj Barjatya movies.

Perfect casting was used. As the patriarch suffering the strain of a 35-year marriage, Anil Kapoor is ideal. He believes that romance is the key to achieving his goal of emancipation. He may be considered the movie’s spirit.

His character is the most intricate and has the widest range of colours. He effortlessly transitions from one layer to the next and wins the audience’s sympathies despite occasionally seeming like a complete jerk. He mocks himself, enjoying his own fixation with physical fitness and low body fat.

It’s undoubtedly one of his funniest performances in recent memory. It’s wonderful to see Neetu Kapoor returning in a movie. It seems as though she never left since she is such a natural.

She portrays the typical housewife who through time has come to accept her husband’s faults but isn’t a martyr. When necessary, she defends her human rights and respect for herself..

Varun Dhawan plays a slacker with anxiety in the role. He has lived in denial about his secret envy of his wife’s prosperity.

Jug jug jeeyo full movie review

In an emotional outburst with his wife, his problems come tumbling out one after the other “Easily among his greatest moments in the movie.

His chemistry with Anil Kapoor is superb, and their sequences together are the movie’s standout moments. The movie gives Kiara Advani a lot of opportunities.

She also has a complex personality. She seems to have a genuine chemistry with Varun and Neetu Kapoor. Varun portraying her brother and Maniesh Paul “The actor’s best buddy gets the finest lines, and his spot-on replies enhance the movie.

In her element is also newcomer Prajakta Koli, a well-known online content developer.
Watch the movie for the ensemble cast’s acting prowess and its contemporary spin on classic family drama.

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