Kartik Aryan bhool bhulaiyaa 2 movie review

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Kartik Aryan bhool bhulaiyaa 2 movie review

In India, horror comedies are a relatively new genre. It just lately caught the attention of filmmakers. A few of good examples include Stree (2013), which successfully blended horror, humour, and a social message, and Go Goa Gone (2013), a zombie horror movie that also made you laugh out loud.

One might argue that the original Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) was a genre-defining work of Hindi cinema. It combined comedy and psychological terror and is still quite entertaining to see.

Although Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 isn’t a true sequel, it does incorporate certain aspects of the first film. At most, one may describe it as a spiritual successor. It is situated in a massive haveli and features Chhota Pandit (Rajpal Yadav) right out of the original. The ghost is also referred to as Manjulika in this version.

Bhool bhulaiyaa 2 movie review

Additionally, it effectively utilises the enduring Ami je tomar from the original movie. But other from these commonalities, it’s a completely distinct movie. As was previously said, the first film was heavily influenced by psychological terror, however this one is a straightforward possession horror film with a lot of poltergeist, black magic, and spirit possession.

While on vacation in Himachal, Ruhan (Karthik Aaryan) meets Reet (Kiara Advani), and he instantly falls in love. He is so enamoured with her that he decides to assist her escape the haunting family estate and resolve a dilemma by going with her to her home in Rajasthan.

As a result of his later claims to have seen the dead, the villagers christen him as Rooh Baba and ask him to help them with their issues. Up until Manjulika (Tabu), the ghost that inhabits the mansion, decides to make an appearance, everything is going according to plan. Up to that point, chaos reigns, and it may not be possible to save everyone with Ruhan’s quick wit and smiley face.

The movie doesn’t immediately turn into a horror extravaganza. It begins as a romantic comedy. Thankfully, the authors avoid using potty humour to get chuckles. Despite being childish, the jokes are lighthearted and Kartik Aaryan’s charisma carries them off. Especially in the first half, the jokes keep you grinning.

bhool bhulaiyaa 2 movie review
Kartik Aryan bhool bhulaiyaa 2 movie review

Anees Bazmee has produced enough comedies to be aware of the appropriate buttons to press. Only when the movie transitions to horror does his control over the outcome fail. The producers may have sought to create a family-friendly film and therefore didn’t fully take use of the potential for a blood and gore extravaganza, as in Evil Dead, which was hilarious despite its horror components.

The movie combines two very different characters. On the one hand, you have Tabu, who employs all of her talent and method acting skills to make a character sketch with more twists and turns than a jalebi into something acceptable. On the other side, there is Kartik Aaryan, whose amiable, cool-guy persona is the polar opposite of Tabu’s portrayal.

While portraying Manjulika, Tabu captures the spirit of Lady Macbeth. It gives you shivers to see her do black magic because she is so incredibly believable. She is an actor who can transform the ordinary into the magnificent. She has enthusiastically embraced her character as a crazed, envious witch. Can she ever make a mistake? She deserves praise for yet another strong performance.

. The young woman who doesn’t believe in ghosts is portrayed by Kiara Advani. She doesn’t play up how surprised and perplexed she was to actually run across one. She has a sparkling relationship with Kartik and always adds beauty to the scene. Thankfully, Kartik hasn’t attempted to step into Akshay Kumar’s role as the protagonist from the original. Kartik has smartly decided to be his own silly self in the movie rather than impersonating his elder

You never compare him to Akshay in the end. He brings his own vitality to the part and relies on his charisma to get the job done. He glides with the pace of the movie and does an excellent job of delivering the corny language. His major screen appearance is during the spirit possession sequence.

That is where he demonstrates that he is more than just the attractive lad next door. He fits all the criteria for the carefree, wealthy slacker and is a wonderful fit.

Watch the movie for the performances by Tabu and Kartik as well as its humorous parts.

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