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Major movie review 2022

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Major movie review 2022

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was an officer in the Indian Army who was assigned to the National Security Guards’ elite 51 Special Action Group.

He received the Ashoka Chakra, India’s highest peacetime bravery medal, after being killed in action during the November 2008 Mumbai assault.

His life is fictionalised in the book Major. “My son’s life was not about the manner he died but about the way he lived,” says his proud father K Unnikrishnan (Prakash Raj) at a memorial service.

The guy who would later become the martyr, surrendering all for the love of his nation, is introduced to us in the movie. We watch as Sandeep (Adivi Sesh) develops a love of uniform and becomes enamoured with the navy’s distinctive white colour.

Due to circumstances, he is forced to join the Army, where, after finishing the ordinary course, he enrols in and excels at the commando training programme before becoming a training officer.

Major full movie review 2022

We watch as he bravely crosses the Line of Control in Kashmir and plays cricket with local children in a no-land. man’s We also watch as he diligently trains his fellow soldiers while simultaneously juggling his personal and professional obligations.

Isha Agarwal, his childhood lover, is also introduced to us (Saiee Manjrekar). She has goals of her own and doesn’t just want to be an army wife. Although they have a strong affinity, the nature of his employment causes strain in their relationship.

While everyone talks about the sacrifices made by the warriors, no one acknowledges the sacrifices made by their families, Isha’s character in the movie says. Their love tale features the ups and downs of a typical relationship, unlike most Bollywood fluff.

The Mumbai terrorist attacks on November 26, 2008 are the focus of the movie’s second half. The infamous crimes committed by Kasab and other infiltrators are shown in graphic detail.

In a multi-day operation, the NSG commandos were able to rescue the hostages and kill the terrorists who had taken over the renowned Taj Mahal hotel. Even if the events within the hotel are reenacted with some artistic licence, they nonetheless have an effect. You feel uneasy after seeing the senseless killing of so many people.

Sandeep is shown as a one-man army who takes on the rescue efforts all by himself and rushes back into action despite being hurt. We also observe Sobhita Dhulipala, who portrays the guest role of Pramoda Reddy, running concurrently with his track.

Major review
Major movie review 2022

She has some thrilling moments while assisting in the release of a little girl from the terrorists’ grasp. The scenes familiarise us with the terror that the defenceless spectators must endure while adding another storyline element to the movie.

The media provided a detailed description of the rescue efforts, and Pakistani handlers watching TV were able to learn the exact minute the commandos arrived. Editorial restraint was badly absent at that time, and the movie also makes this point.

More lives would have been spared by a media blackout, but that was a command decision that should have been made by those in positions of authority. It was a painful lesson to learn.

Don’t come up, I’ll handle them, according to Sandeep’s dying words. He is seen firing at the enemy until his last breath, which makes the last moment very moving.

The film’s eponymous character is played brilliantly by Adivi Sesh, who also wrote the script. He conveys the late soldier’s pride and dedication to his performance without going overboard and appears to understand what Major Unnikrishnan stood for.

Major movie review 2022

It’s clear that he genuinely wants to play the part. After this, Adivi will achieve greater things. As the partner who discovers she isn’t receiving what she asked for and is dissatisfied about it, Saiee Manjrekar looks terrific.

The young actor gives a well-rounded portrayal that captures both affection and annoyance. The heartbroken mother and father are played by veterans Revathy and Prakash Raj. They stand head and shoulders above the competition because to the subtle subtleties they add to their movements.

Murli Sharma does a flawless job portraying the tough commander with a kind heart. As the courageous hotel visitor who tries her hardest to save a child, Sobhita Dhulipala is also excellent.

Major, a film that honours Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, a soldier who went above and beyond the call of duty to assist his compatriots in their hour of need, is a worthy homage all around.

Adivi Sesh’s portrayal of him provides us a peek of the sort of guy he was: a real warrior who lived and died by his own code. He demonstrated what true bravery looks like.

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