Pushpa box office COLLECTION

Pushpa is a film starring Allu Arjun the rise part 1 has been doing well at the box office.

The Hindi dubbed version of the film has become the dark horse at the box office. The film which received positive reviews from the critics impressed the audience. In week 2 to 1500 screens, there was an increase in the number of screens for Pushpa. It is going into its third week.

Pushpa will screen across 1600 screens in week 3, as per reports The reason for the increase in screens in the third week is due to the high demand for the film among the audience and the fact that the film which was to release on December 31 has been postponed

Given the sudden open slot, theatre owners and exhibitors have decided on capitalizing on the chance with a higher screen count for Pushpa: The Rise.

In week three, Pushpa  the screen count  increased.Rs has been collected by the Rise.The 47 cores

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