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Rajkumar Rao Hit Full Movie Review

Rajkumar Rao Hit Full Movie Review
Rajkumar Rao Hit Full Movie Review

Star Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Sanya Malhotra, Milind Gunaji, Shilpa Shukla, and ensemble.

Director: Dr. Sailesh Kolanu

 What’s Good: Rajkummar Rao lets you buy into his world, and even the tad bit of melodrama is acceptable because of him. The plot’s second half is also quite amazing.

What’s Bad: The compensation for our considerable investment. It could have used more layers and edges.

Low Break: Now is your chance to talk on the movie’s basic Whodunnit clichés.

Watch or not: If you’ve seen the original, is it worth watching?, I’ve been told it’s really similar. If you haven’t, you can wait till its OTT release or give it a shot.

Story As two women go missing in enigmatic circumstances, megahit( Homicide Intervention platoon) operative Vikram( Rajkummar Rao), who’s visited by recollections of a woeful history, is impelled to put his particular conflicts on hold.

College pupil Preeti vanishes after her auto breaks down on a trace in Jaipur, and Vikram’s forensic critic gal Neha( Sanya Malhotra) is also missing to be set up. Are the two cases related, and who’s responsible?

Review recently, protagonists in South flicks have tended to be disturbed geniuses who bomb chains, and this remake is no exception. Vikram( Rajkummar Rao) is a great investigator who suffers from fear attacks despite his patient agonies andPTSD.

However, Vikram( Rajkummar Rao) is a fear attack inpatient who thrives at work, If disgruntled swain Arjun Reddy( Vijay Deverakonda) was a high- performing alcoholic surgeon. megahit, still, doesn’t exalt the suffering of its idol. Despite his gift, it takes guts to admit that he’s” unfit” for his investigative field job.

Vikram’s deducible logic capacities and sense of silent heroism, which are embedded in agony, keep you interested, if not on the edge of your seat.
Sailesh Kolanu remakes his film in Hindi with a different cast and setting two times after the Telugu original of the same name.

The police drama now takes place in Rajasthan rather than Telangana. With the exception of changing the climax, Kolanu keeps the names of the characters and indeed the plot.

Hit the first case Full Movie Review

This adaptation sounded egregious given how snappily whodunit spoilers may be circulated. Since Vikram’s once trauma has not been exposed, anticipate this drama to have fresh conclusions.

While largely avoiding prepossessions, megahit also falls victim to them. For illustration, a sweet love song must be followed by the lead actress passing some kind of ruinous event.

Although the treatment is straightforward and sincere, it does not convert into a gripping, gritty suspenser. The movie is further of a tardy, mooching murder riddle with a witching
figure- up but an underwhelming conclusion.

As we come habituated to Kolanu’s chaotic world, the pressure increases. The events erecting up to the major exposure do not completely make sense, and the plot fails to wrap up the loose ends. The motive of the shamefaced party seems inconceivable and doubtful given the involvement of several suspects.

Rajkumar Rao Hit Full Movie Review
Rajkumar Rao Hit Full Movie Review

The gay track is egregiously mishandled in the puerile homestretch, which undercuts the changeable nature established in the first half.

The proceedings are given weight by upstanding lookouts of the trace, nebulous aesthetics , Vikram’s uneasiness, and his destructive connection with an insecure colleague( Jatin Goswami).

Hit the first case Full Movie Review 2022

Rajkummar Rao gives the plodding crime tale graveness. He has the gift to transcend a disconnected jotting, and he does it again then. Despite your miscalculations, he makes sure you’re on his platoon. megahit tends to be hit- and- miss.

HIT The First Case is a thorough police disquisition. You” I will learn what all police officers do to break homicide cases. You” They’ve a forensic lab that can contend with anything the FBI has, and they’ve one in Jaipur, which is good news.

You will learn how a narcoanalysis is conducted and how a lie detector test is administered. You can be sure it’ll broaden your general understanding. With a many small adaptations, directorDr. Sailesh Kolanu has reinvented his own Telugu film of the same name.

The action now takes place in Jaipur rather than the original’s Telangana setting. Like in the original, Vikram( Rajkummar Rao), a brilliant police officer with the Homicide Intervention platoon, is introduced then as well( megahit), who, as a result of an event from his history, is passing PTSD.

He keeps having fancies of the last disaster, and the sight of dears nearly makes him feel paralysed. All of this has an impact on his job. Neha( Sanya Malhotra), his forensics department officer gal, advises him to take a respite for the benefit of everyone.

Rajkumar Rao Hit the first case Full Movie Review

His associates and indeed his shrink counsel him to follow suit. He flees to his ancestral home in the mounds after seeing his disaffection. After spending two months in insulation, he discovers Neha has dissolved and returns to take care of the situation.

Neha was looking into the matter after another womanish dissolved a many days before. He starts to probe into the former case since he believes the two cases are connected, and as a result, a tonne of secrets are revealed.

The filmmaker makes an trouble to keep you engaged the entire time. Shilpa Shukla, a divorcee who’s exorbitantly concerned about society alienating her, Ibrahim( Milind Gunaji), a suspended police officer who was the last person to see the girl, and indeed the girl’s natural parents once it was discovered that she had been espoused are all suspects.

Although the police chief( Dalip Tahil) is largely on Vikram’s side, he’s at odds with another HIT officer( Jatin Goswami). He ultimately discovers the cause of the exposure of both girls after following a number of leads. By this point, the proceedings have lost utmost of the bystander’s interest due to their complexity.

To put it mildly, the movie is disposed. While it helps educate us on the inner workings of a police disquisition, it’s full of one- dimensional people that could just as fluently be mannequins.

The conflict between Vikram and his coworker isn’t justified. Shilpa Shukla’s character’s conduct for no apparent reason, and the logic behind another colleague’s conduct is inversely puzzling. The maturity of the movie is without Sanya Malhotra.

Hit the first case Full Movie Review

At the veritably least, they could have showed her situation from her perspective, but we do not get that at all. Sanya Malhotra is a bright spot in this else saddening movie. She and Rajkummar Rao have an inarguable spark, and we wished the movie featured further of her.

Since a effect is planned, hopefully we’ll see her in a more intriguing position. Rajkummar Rao constantly defies the limitations of the narrative, and he does so formerly more in this movie.

To put it mildly, the movie is skewed. While it helps educate us on the inner workings of a police investigation, it is full of one-dimensional people that could just as easily be mannequins.

The conflict between Vikram and his colleague is not justified. Shilpa Shukla’s character’s actions for no apparent reason, and the reasoning behind another coworker’s actions is equally puzzling. The majority of the movie is without Sanya Malhotra. At the very least, they could have showed her situation from her perspective, but we don’t get that at all.

Sanya Malhotra is a bright spot in this otherwise depressing movie. She and Rajkummar Rao have an undeniable spark, and we wished the movie featured more of her. Since a sequel is planned, hopefully we’ll see her in a more interesting position. Rajkummar Rao frequently defies the limitations of the narrative, and he does so once more in this movie.

HIT Movie Review: Script Analysis

How do you discuss a thriller with suspense from the very first frame without giving anything away? I’ll attempt it. The fundamental goal of a whodunnit is to make the audience feel like a fictional version of Sherlock Holmes so they can follow the story along until the very conclusion.

Sriram Raghavan’s Andhadhun, which has already been translated into every language, was the most recent movie to succeed in doing so with flying colours and a beautiful reward.

Though not on par with Andhadhun, The First Case isn’t particularly weak either. The movie has a good premise, and Sailesh Kolanu’s writing gives it the proper flavour.

He has plenty of time to give you his desired story since, in his perspective, he is building a franchise and is not in a rush to tell it to you. I’m not sure if the filmmaker’s approach is the same in the original Telugu version because I haven’t seen it.

The Whodunnit, which centres on a case without any leads, has an impact on Sailesh’s writing. But he incorporates some of the drama from television into his approach, which is heavily influenced by it.

even the opening shot and the subsequent events. But what matters is that he even succeeded in making everything function. Without giving away any surprises, I can’t go much further.

Of course, he frequently uses tired themes and plot devices as fallbacks. Even after that, he continues to mention a lot of things in his immediate environment.

the dread of women for their safety, the scrutiny and criticism of society regarding their clothing choices, and so forth. But fails to draw any conclusions from those points.

Rajkumar Rao Hit Full Movie Review
Rajkumar Rao Hit Full Movie Review

He also overlooks the fact that when you remake anything, you may also improve or fix your original creation. Isn’t it a form of blessing or second chance?

The climax and everything leading up to it seem incredibly hasty and unfinished. After a certain point, nothing is coherent.

On the same day that police officers are performing lie detector and narcotics tests, there is a woman who acts in an attention-seeking manner as if she is completely unaware of the existence of the law.

If that weren’t enough, two people who had been genuinely battling to kill each other just moments earlier suddenly changed their minds. Every single person also frequently forgets their accent and speaks standard Hindi.

Hit movie Star Performance

Rajkummar Rao is aware of his task and complies with the demands made of him by his director. The actor has a history of being the best part of bad movies by this point, so perhaps that has trained him to fit in with any environment.

When he needs to deliver savage punchlines or actual punches, he is brilliant. He does, however, frequently forget his accent.

Direction and music

Till the break, Sailesh Kolanu’s leadership is engaging. All of the revelations up until that point have been dramatic and on the verge of your seat. The game, however, changes negatively in the second half.

Although you use the chair to rest, there isn’t much to be on the edge of. Since you have experienced everything and can foresee the majority of it, at least. As a result, it makes little difference that what is unpredictable.

If it finds its audience, Mithun’s music is good and might have a high recall value.

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