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Rashtra kavach Om Movie review

Rashtra kavach Om Movie review
Rashtra kavach Om Movie review

The Rashtra Kavach Aditya Roy Kapur’s character Om jumps without a parachute from an aeroplane directly onto a battleship in the opening scene of Om.

His bones must have been composed of metal since he doesn’t perish from the collision. He then starts firing at the nasty guys on the bridge. He is shot in the head after falling into turbulent waters, but he lives. This powerful soldier only has amnesia due to the bullet that is stuck in his skull.

He begins having hallucinations about a youngster named Rishi, whose father Dev (Jackie Shroff) was kidnapped from him and left to perish.

Later on, we discover that his military commander uncle Jai adopted him (Ashutosh Rana),He underwent training to become India’s top paracommando so that he could exact retribution on people who, according to his claims, abducted or killed his scientist father.

When the catastrophe struck, his father was just about to complete the shield technology. The ideal defence for India would have been this invisibility shield, which is strikingly similar to the one that the Wakandians in Marvel movies employ to protect their country from nuclear assault.

The defence agencies find out that the Kavach technology has been put into production by some rogue elements 16 years later, when Om is an adult, and that Om’s father Dev could be the main antagonist. His goal is to block the selling of the technology and find the criminals at whatever cost.

one of those movies that sounds fantastic on paper. What could be better than a superhero with amnesia who is also extremely patriotic? You can’t go wrong, right? Just add a family drama including a devoted foster father who also happens to be a patriot, a loving foster mother who enjoys preparing kheer, and a female coworker who is a combat specialist, a doctor, and secretly in love with the hero. The saying goes that even the best made plans can fall short when they are faced with actual circumstances.

That also applies to the current movie. The tale has so many twists added by authors Raj Saluja and Niket Pandey that the filmmaker undoubtedly required a guide to navigate the maze.

Rashtra kavach Om Movie review

Without a doubt, the spectator needs it to understand what is happening. What might have been a straightforward vengeance tale becomes overly complex and drawn out.

Rashtra kavach Om Movie review
Rashtra kavach Om Movie review

You’re made worse by the background music’s excessive volume.
Aditya Roy Kapur, the movie’s hero, has a sculpted figure and appears to be switching genres after a string of overwhelmingly romantic movies, which is the only positive aspect of the picture.

In all those slow-motion videos when he takes up big firearms and slaughters everyone in his path, he does look nice. The broody alcoholic persona that had kind of been his signature has given way to the broody He-Man persona, who, when provoked, transforms into a one-man army.

His commitment to the transformation cannot be criticised.He has given the movie everything he has, but it is still unclear whether the public will accept his new image.

Sanjana Sanghi too has complete freedom to hit and kick, and she appears to be having fun. Strangely, the romantic tension between her character and Aditya’s is never fully explored.

Even with their best attempts, veteran actors Jackie Shroff, Prakash Raj, and Ashutosh Rana are unable to give this amateurish movie any seriousness.

Only devoted Aditya Roy Kapur and/or thoughtless action movie fans should see the movie.

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