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2.0 is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language sci-fi activity film coordinated by S. Shankar and composed by Jeyamohan and S. Shankar. Created by Subaskaran under the pennant of Lyca Preparations. As the second portion in the Enthiran establishment, 2.0 is an independent continuation of Enthiran (2010), highlighting Rajinikanth repeating the jobs of Vaseegaran and Chitti, nearby Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajohn, and K. Ganesh show up in supporting jobs. The film pursues the contention between Chitti, the once disassembled humanoid robot, and Pakshi Rajan, a previous ornithologist who looks for retaliation upon phone clients to counteract avian populace decay. The soundtrack is made by A. R. Rahman, with verses composed by Madhan Karky and Na. Muthukumar.

Delivered on an expected spending plan of ₹570 crore (US$82 million), 2.0 is the most costly Indian film to date. Creation started in 2015, with head photography directed at AVM Studios soon thereafter. The primary timetable was shot at EVP World. Scenes were fundamentally shot in India, especially in Chennai’s Madras Pontoon Club and Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Arena. Shooting was finished by August 2017. The film is the first in Indian film to be locally shot in 3D, which was finished by cinematographer Nirav Shah. Inheritance Impacts made their arrival to build prosthetic cosmetics and animatronics, with special visualizations managed by V. Srinivas Mohan. Altering was dealt with by Anthony and creation configuration was led by T. Muthuraj.

2.0 was discharged worldwide in both 3D and regular arrangement on 29 November 2018, alongside its named forms in Hindi and Telugu. It got commonly positive audits upon discharge. Faultfinders especially lauded the film’s special visualizations, exhibitions of Rajinikanth and Kumar, and social message; the pace and screenplay got analysis. It earned ₹117.34 crore (US$17 million) worldwide on its first day, which was the second most noteworthy ever for an Indian film. The film crossed ₹520 crore (US$75 million) in its opening end of the week to be the most elevated earning film worldwide for that week. 2.0 is the second most noteworthy netting film in India and is the 6th most noteworthy earning Indian film around the world.


“2.0” is one of only three 2018 films to be shot in 3-D (the others being Russian fantasy sequel “Viy 2” and the James-Cameron-produced/Robert-Rodriguez-helmed “Alita: Battle Angel”). “2.0” is also a superhero film about climate change, the dangers of cell phone use (according to the film, they have been linked to abortions?), and political corruption. Rajinikanth plays robotics scientist Dr. Vaseegaran, a sagacious egghead who revives his Astro-Boy-like creation Chitti (also Rajinkanth), the titular robot, just so Chitti can fight a sentient tsunami of cell phones that sometimes takes the shape of a kaiju-sized bird of prey thanks to the animating spirit of a pissed-off climate-change activist Pakshi Rajan (Akshay Kumar, who is, as always, down for whatever) who hung himself from a cell phone tower and, in the process, became a bird-man-god thing. Also, Chitti helps to mobilize an army of robot clones—some the size of cell phones—so that they can fire guns and make hilariously grim threats to Kumar’s bird villain. Roll over, Sylvester Stallone: there’s a new elder statesman of Not Aging Gracefully But Still Somehow Making it Work, and his name is (still) Rajinikanth.

Not a lot of this gonzo scenario immediately makes sense, but that’s ok: “2.0” is all about energy, so you’ll know whether or not you’ll love this film within minutes of watching it. Still, good energy is also literally (and not coincidentally) what “2.0” is about. A mysterious animating force takes control of India’s cell phones, ripping them out of their dumb-founded users’ hands and forming an animated, sometimes-tweeting, sometimes-buzzing digital cloud. Vaseegaran is called on to help fix this bizzaro situation, but for a while, “2.0” is more about the Cell Phone Cloud, which we will later learn is an instrument of Rajan’s revenge—FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE. Vaseegaran even delivers an illustrated speech later on that explains how Rajan managed to use his very powerful, very evil aura to turn a whole country’s cell phones against them. Thankfully, the only thing that can match Kumar’s crazy-high energy—he devours almost every scene he’s in, sometimes while wearing a big ol’ bird costume—is Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth, and more Rajinikanth.

No, seriously, there’s a lot of Rajinikanth in “2.0.” The marquee-topping star may pull a Stallone and make (some) room for co-stars Kumar and Amy Jackson, the latter of whom plays Nilla, a sexy lady robot who cracks wise and sometimes appears to let Chitti save the day. But seriously, there is a LOT of Rajinikanth in “2.0,” like how Vaseegaran sometimes punctuates declamatory thoughts by yelling “DOT” (another way of saying “Period”) as well as the hectoring but weirdly affecting tone of any scene where Kumar’s character laments that birds are being inadvertently killed by cell phone radiation just because cell phone users are lethally apathetic (“Every individual who owns a cell phone is a murderer”). 

There’s also literally a lot of Rajinikanth in “2.0”: thousands of Chitti’s robot clones swarm the Rajan-controlled cell phone horde, the latter of which looks shockingly ferocious in good-/expensive-looking set pieces. An army of mini-Rajinikanth robots sing some of the goofiest normcore 2018 disses you’ll hear this side of the new Eminem album (my favorite of Chitti’s boasts: “I am six feet tall/you are a radish, that is all”). But only after hundreds of man-sized Rajinikanth robot clones form a giant soccer ball, and fire a barrage of automated rifles at the Big Cell Phone Bird (and into the stands of a massive soccer stadium, sometimes barely missing innocent bystanders). This last stunt is basically a repeat of a scene from the first “Robot” movie, but that doesn’t make it, or the many other ways that Rajinikanth knowingly weaponizes his ego much less endearing or insane. At one point, Rajinikanth literally pats himself on the back when Chitti thanks Vaseegaran for creating him. This movie has chutzpah for days!


Welcome to the full casting page of ROBOT 2.0 bollywood movie 2018,here you get the full list of actors who worked on ROBOT 2.0 movie.Stay Tuned with for latest bollywood movie reviews and all related information of bollywood movie and songs.After casting you know more about this movie.Casting team of ROBOT 2.0 worked very well..

Shankar had introductory dialogs with Kamal Haasan, Aamir Khan, and afterward Vikram about depicting a further job, however none of the three entertainers marked on to show up in the film.Subsequently, the group held chats with Hollywood on-screen character Arnold Schwarzenegger for the job, who consented to chip away at the film for a record compensation. The creators at that point selected against marking Schwarzenegger, however there have been clashing reasons with respect to this choice. English on-screen character Amy Jackson marked on to take a shot at the film in October 2015 and visited Los Angeles as a piece of the group’s pre-creation work.In late November 2015, Rajinikanth additionally made a trip to Los Angeles to meet the film’s makers and complete ensemble preliminaries and beginning movement catch impacts work for the film.After further arrangements with on-screen characters including Hrithik Roshan and Neil Nitin Mukesh, the creators marked on Akshay Kumar to depict the job for which Schwarzenegger was at first considered.

Sudhanshu Pandey joined the cast of the film during march 2016 and uncovered that he would depict a researcher who is the child of Teacher Bohra from the first film. Adil Hussain started dealing with the film in July 2016, and, as a piece of his job, embraced broad examination into the life of journalists. In September 2016, Malayalam on-screen character Kalabhavan Shajohn affirmed that he had gone for a job in the film after Shankar was intrigued with his exhibition in Drishyam and had marked him on.


• Akshay Kumar as PAKSHI RAJAN

• Amy Jackson as NILA



• Kaizaad Kotwal as MANOJ LULLA

• Mayur Baniswal as FATHER OF PAKSHI RAJAN’S


• Kalabhavan Shajon as VAIRA MOORTHY [Minister of telecommunication]


• Anant Mahadevan as SCIENTIST

• Ishari k Ganesh as JAYANTH KUMAR


• Avijit Dutt as DR.SAM

• Sanchana natarajan,Murali Satagopan as STUDENT VISITING VASEEGARAN’S LAB



• Director: S.Shanker

• Assistant Director: Mohmmad Yunus Imail


• Producer:K.Karoonamoorthy,Gaurav Mishra,A.Subhashkaran

• Line Producer: Naveen Varadarajan,Navmeet Singh

• Production Manager:Chandanraj Parayan,Tegveer Singh,Sawan Solanki

Music :

• Story Writer: S.Shanker

• Dilagoue Writer: B Jeyamohan,S.Shanker


• Lyricist:Bhaskar Batla,Madhan Karky, NA Muthukumar

• Singer:Arjun Chandy,Blaze,Kailash Kher,Shashaa Tirupati,Sid Sriram,Armaan Malik

• Music Director:A.R Rahman

• Sound:Resul Pookuity


• Akshay Kumar

• Amy Jackson

• Rajinikanth

• Sudhanshu Pandey


• Lyca Productions


• 29 November 2018


• 147 Minutes


• 570 CR [Budget]

• 800 CR[Box Ofice collection]


In November 2016, it was uncovered that 2.0 was booked for discharge during Diwali on 18 October 2017. In April 2017, Raju Mahalingam, the film’s previous maker, reported that the film’s discharge had been deferred to 25 January 2018 refering to better joining of visual effects.The discharge date was later moved to 14 April 2018.The discharge date was indeed moved to 27 April 2018 yet rather Kaala took that spot bringing about another postponement of the film.The making video of the film was uncovered on 25 August 2017. The film, which contains roughly 1,000 enhanced visualizations shots as indicated by makers, was deferred various occasions while the PC created symbolism (CGI) work was being finished by various impacts studios.The film was at long last scheduled to be discharged in films on 29 November 2018.
The teaser of 2.0 was discharged on Ganesh Chaturti, 13 September 2018, in both 3D and.The 3D form was decidedly gotten, while some communicated dissatisfaction with the 2D. Its 2D mystery video has been seen more than 32 million times in 24 hours. The film subject was inclined and top scanned inquiries on Google Patterns for a week.But the mystery did not make reference to the discharge date.


ROBOT 2.0 was released in about 6900 screens in India and over 2000 screens overseas.
1.On its opening day 2.0 earned about ₹80 crore (US$12 million) gross collection in India (all versions), which was the second highest ever for an Indian film after Baahubali 2.
2. On its second day, the film earned around ₹45 crore nett in India. The all-India business of 2.0 increased to ₹56-57 crore nett on Saturday (the third day) owing to positive word-of-mouth in North India, while the collections in South India saw a minor drop.Its all-India total increased to ₹165.5 crore nett.
3. On its third day, the film earned around ₹290 crore(US$42 million) worldwide in all languages, including ₹85 crore (US$12 million) from overseas markets .
4. On its fourth day, a Sunday, business picked up over India, which led the film to accumulate an opening weekend collection of around ₹400 crore (US$58 million), the highest amount earned by any film in the week of 29 November to 2 December. n its four-day opening weekend, the film opened at number one at the United Arab Emirates box office, earning $2.5 million.
5.On its fifth day, the film earned around ₹451 crore (US $56 million) worldwide in all dialects, including ₹114 crore (US $16 million) from universal markets.In North India, its Hindi form earned around ₹111 crore (US $16 million).Along with the 6th day business of ₹24 crore nett, the film earned ₹282.31 crore nett in India. It recorded business in the southern Indian conditions of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Before seven days’ over, the film earned ₹480 crore (US$69 million) around the world, which included ₹362 crore (US$52 million) in India and US$15 million (₹1.18 billion) in abroad markets.The broadened first week overall accumulation was ₹520 crore (US$75 million).


During pre productions,it was announced that all songs of Bollywod Movie 2018 composed by AR RAHMAN. Soundtracks of ROBOT 2.0 Was recorded in 2015-2018 and released on 6 Novembef 2018(albums) and 27 October 2017 (singles) with the label of LYCA MUSIC .The total length of song was 14:35 .Songs of ROBOT 2.0 are not available only in Hindi version but also in Tamil and Telugu versions are available.

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