rrr release date 2022

RRR film will not be released in theatres on the 7th of January, much to the disappointment of fans and followers. There has been a spike in Covid cases across the country. Some situations are beyond our control. Many theatres in India are closing.
We have no choice but to ask you to hold on to your excitement.  We will bring back the Glory of Indian Cinema at the right time. The postponement of the film’s 
release was announced by the makers.

The makers of RRR are considering a new release date.The optimal new release date for Rajamouli’s film is 29 April. The summer season release slot is being considered and the April release prospect is also being considered.

After the regional and international theatrical markets open up, the final call regarding the release date will be taken. The makers are waiting for the Covid situation in India and USA to improve before releasing an official update on the release date.

For RRR to hit the silver screens, the north India belt should be in full flow and there should be no restrictions on seating capacity in the USA.

The buyers have to recover the huge investments they made. When the time comes, Rajamouli will make a final decision on the release date.

The RRR  release date is April 29. It is related to the Covid situation across the globe. It’s funny how a virus that originated in China is affecting RRR in so many different ways. The makers have spent  a lot.

RRR is beast action movie directed by Rajamouli
Ram Charan, Jr NTR, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgan

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