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Titu Ambani Movie Review

Titu Ambani Movie Review
Titu Ambani Movie Review

Story: Titu Shukla (Tushar Pandey) is an ambitious young man who values business offers and quick cuts over work. When his grand business idea fails miserably, he finds himself in a pickle.

And to top it all off, after a heated argument, his wife Mosmi (Deepaka Singh) abandons him. Does Titu manage to put his life back together in the end?

Review: Titu Ambani, which is set in Ajmer, centres on a young guy from a middle-class family who favours pursuing a business concept to toiling away at a job.

The parents of Titu Shukla believe that getting him married to his beloved Mosmi will make him more responsible and alter his outlook on life.

Titu finds himself in a bind as the marriage begins to fall apart as a result of misunderstandings.

The rest of the story is around whether or not he transforms as a person and orders his priorities.

The elements were in place for a two-hour family drama with humour and a strong message: a cast of NSD-certified performers, a subject, numerous timely themes, and several relevant topics.

What one sees is a verbose, slow-moving family drama that is dull for the most part. Yes, there are instances in which the speech will make you giggle, but it was probably not the original intent when the movie was being developed.

Yes, it’s definitely one of the movie’s few redeeming qualities. Overall, the writing is subpar. Some of the characters come out as one-dimensional, excessive, and hard to relate to. Even the romance subplot of the movie fails to engage you.

Titu Ambani Movie Review
Titu Ambani Movie Review

Therefore, it becomes challenging to care about the couple’s post-marriage mental anguish.

Despite having a short running period of under two hours, the movie feels drawn out. The production value, sound, and camera work are all good.

Titu Ambani Movie Review 2022

Unfortunately, the movie’s hook-worthy parts are scattered all over the place. Although the songs are adequate, none of them stick with you long after the movie is ended. Raghubir Yadav and Tushar Pandey make a valiant effort to improve some subpar writing.

Additionally, Deepika Singh delivers a sincere, fuss-free performance. However, none of the performances actually make you cry. Additionally, you don’t feel compelled to follow the characters’ adventures.

The filmmaker has to pay particular attention to the fact that the movie takes a very long time to get the point it is working so hard to achieve.

It’s enough to suggest that he still has a very long way to go in developing and perfecting his narrative technique.

In conclusion, this had the potential to be a fast-moving, enjoyable family drama that dealt with significant, commonplace topics. It turns out to be a protracted, dull drama that stumbles while attempting to find its point of focus.

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