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Vikram Movie Review 2022

Vikram Movie Review 2022
Vikram Movie Review 2022

Story: An undercover police officer pursues a mystery group of masked men who have declared war on the system and are guarding a dangerous drug lord following a string of killings of police officers.

Review : In Vikram, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Kamal Haasan’s espionage-filled 1986 film Vikram is combined with his own 2019 film Kaithi’s action-packed world of drug lords and cops.

Vikram is a predictably plotted action movie that is more interested in expanding its universe than actually engrossing us in it.

It has parts of the thrills of an action movie and the riddles of a spy movie, but it falls short of feeling completely satisfying and fails to give us the adrenaline rush that a movie with such great goals promised.

When Karnan (Kamal Haasan), the father of a slain police officer named Prapanchan (Kalidas Jayaram), is assassinated, the movie does get off to an exciting start.

Vikram Movie Review 2022

We discover that there have been other such murders, with a disguised group of men claiming responsibility and referring to it as their battle against the establishment.

Amar (Fahadh Faasil), the leader of the black operations squad sent in by police chief Jose (Chemban Vinod Jose), begins investigating Karnan’s life.

Sandhanam (Vijay Sethupathi), a ruthless drug lord with a sizable family who is looking for a cargo of raw materials that might elevate him to a kingpin, is the prime suspect. Amar is perplexed by Karnan’s several incarnations in the meanwhile.

Vikram Movie Review 2022
Vikram Movie Review 2022

He was a parent grieving the death of his kid, but was he an alcoholic? womaniser or anything more? What’s more, is he still alive or not?

The early half of Vikram, in which we witness Amar and his team attempting to make sense of the killings and find the murderers, is where Vikram excels.

Kamal Haasan doesn’t appear much in these parts, yet we can still feel his presence—both as a character and as an actor. From Nayakan to Anbe Sivam, there are references to Kamal’s work, and identifying them may be mildly exciting.

The actor, who is currently in action-star mode, also has a moment that is worth whistling, which brings us to the intermission. And Vijay Sethupathi, who is portraying a merciless villain, appears to be continuing where he left off in Master.

But when the obvious mystery around Karnan is solved, the story takes a more straightforward tone. A tiny group of police officers should be able to hold off a gangland army. It’s comparable to what we had in Kaithi, although it works less well here.

Vikram Movie Review 2022

To his credit, Lokesh makes an effort to evoke emotion with a subplot concerning the child of Karnan and Prapanchan, but it falls short of being profound. Amar and Sandhanam’s storylines also take a predictable route.

Vijay Sethupathi comes out as trying too hard while Fahadh’s Amar is mostly written off. Narain, who plays Bejoy, the upright police officer from Kaithi, receives the same treatment.

Even Suriya’s much-hyped cameo, which serves as a setup for the upcoming episode of the “Lokesh Kanagaraj Universe,” is a little lacklustre.

Despite being expertly planned, the action scenes never leave us in a hurry. The largest public reaction, however, occurs during a stunt sequence starring a female character (a maid/spy performed by Vasanthi).

For Vikram to be genuinely memorable, he needed more of these moments.

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