Web hosting Kya hai. What is web hosting. Kaise kaam karta hai. How does it work

What is Web Hosting? how does it work ? If you want to make a website then you must have knowledge about hosting. Here you have been told about hosting in very simple words. If you want complete information about hosting then read this post completely.

Role Of Web Hosting

Today we will learn about hosting in this article, what is web hosting? How many types is this? Which is the best web hosting? Web hosting kaise kharide? Are domain and hosting the same?

What is web hosting?

To run any website, a space is required in the cloud, it is called hosting.

When we put a website on the Internet, a space is required to access the contents of that website like photos, data, videos, etc. This space itself is called hosting for the storage of the website.
We are able to access the data of any website only through web hosting. Because all this data is stored in the hosting’s data center which we can also call the server.

When you want to create a website, a server is required to store the contents of that website like Documents, Text, JPEG, Audio, Vedio, Pdf, etc. Which is always active or running 24 x 7 With the help of this server, the content of your website is always available online.

So that if a person enters the website address, then it is transferred to that website from where the user can access the contents of the website, this server is also called ‘Web Server’ because it contains all the data of our website.

There are many companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy, Hostinger, etc. that provide hosting services to us.

Companies charge some money from us for using this service. In return, it provides us with a variety of facilities for the website and also provides us with storage to store the contents of that website.

How does web hosting work?

When we create a website, we want people to share our knowledge and information, to share our knowledge, we upload our files to the server.

After all the files or information is uploaded to the server, when anyone types his domain name or website name such as technicaldev.in in the search engine or web browser, then that domain name is connected to his web hosting server. From where the user can easily view his files and can view any page as per his wish.

Hosting is added to the domain name through DNS (Domain Name System). By which the domain knows on which server your website is running.

where to buy web hosting

Because you want to make a good website and you want your website to run very well, there should not be any kind of problem in it. For that, you have to choose a good web hosting server by looking at some things. For example, keeping in mind Bandwidth, Storage type, Uptime, Charges, Facilities etc., we should choose a good hosting. By the way, there are many types of companies that provide hosting services to us. Some of which are:

Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost and Hostinger, etc.

What are the types of web hosting?

You can select different types of hosting as per your requirement. Below are the different types of web hosting. Out of which you can select any one type as per your requirement.

Shared Hosting

This is a type of web hosting. In which the company allows one server. Out of which, according to the needs of the people, divides that server into different parts. For example, a server has 4TB of storage. Now that server is divided by 1-1 TB for four people. This type of hosting is called shared hosting. It is also quite cheap. It is mainly used in those websites in which the traffic is very less. If you are a new user and want to start your blog or website, then you should take Shared Hosting. If you think that your website has a lot of traffic, then you should choose another hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

In this hosting, a separate server is provided to you by the company. Only your website runs on that server. Those websites are run on this type of server, the websites which have a lot of traffic.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS Server is a type of hosting service. Which is same as normal hosting. In this type of hosting, you are given such a server by the company. Which is not in reality but is part of a bigger server. Which works in the same way as Dedicated. It is also called Hybrid Server which is between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. In this, you feel as if you have been given a different server. You can do all your work on this server.

Cloud Hosting

This type of web hosting is very good and their speed is high. After taking this type of hosting, the speed of your website increases a lot. In this, the data of the files of your website is stored in the cloud itself. Which can be accessed very easily. Nowadays very big websites use cloud hosting only. Most blogger users recommend you cloud hosting because it is quite fast and reliable.

What is the difference between domain and web hosting? Difference Between Domain & Hosting In Hindi ?

To run any website on the internet mainly two things are required. That is Domain Name and Web Hosting. Domain name is a particular name address of any website. The name by which the website is known and hosting is the location of that website. Where that website can be run or the place where the data related to that website is available. Domain name can be called the name of the website and hosting can be called its area. Where the files, contents of that website are available.

What are the features of web hosting? Best Tips For Select Web Hosting.

To choose a good web hosting, we have to keep some things in mind, that is:


Bandwidth depends on how much traffic is coming to that website. The web server that provides the highest bandwidth is the best hosting. Because the higher the bandwidth, the more traffic can easily come to your website and your website will not be down.


Storage is also very important for your hosting choice. Because storage is the place where the contents of your website, files, documents etc. are stored. Mainly two types of storage are found in the server. HDD and SDD: Out of these, SDD type storage is very fast, so the type of hosting in which you get maximum SDD type storage capacity, the same hosting is best for you.

Up Time

While choosing hosting for any website, you must also pay attention to its up time. Because the server which has the highest up time, your website is also always online. Because every server needs some time to rest or for maintenance. Due to which your site goes offline for some time. In this way, you should choose only that hosting which can give you maximum up time.

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