What are the 3 types of lawyers?

What are the 3 types of lawyers?

In the legal profession, there are 3 main types of lawyers. These include Plaintiff’s Lawyers, Criminal Defense Attorneys, and Corporate Lawyers.


A plaintiff’s lawyer or a personal injury lawyer is a type of civil litigator who advocates for compensation from a defendant on behalf of an individual client in a lawsuit. A plaintiff’s lawyer has to be neutral while still looking out for the best interest of their client throughout the litigation. They must carefully investigate cases, try to understand where the fault lies, and negotiate with defendants or their representatives before proceeding with action against them.

In most jurisdictions, these lawsuits will involve injuries caused by negligence, medical malpractice, or intentional harm such as assault and battery. A plaintiff’s lawyer should have excellent communication skills because they constantly interact with clients, witnesses, insurance adjusters, and medical experts. They also must have good negotiation skills so they can effectively communicate the needs of their clients to claimants or defendants’ representatives during settlement negotiations.


A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who defends individuals accused of committing crimes by challenging the evidence presented against them to create a reasonable doubt as to their guilt. They usually work under contract with the defendant or their family members, helping them through every stage of the case including investigating the charges made against them, determining appropriate legal defenses for their case, and representing them in court proceedings if necessary.

Criminal defense lawyers should be very familiar with relevant state and federal laws because they guide all stages of a criminal trial including plea bargaining and post-conviction appeals. They must be aware of current social and cultural issues because these factors can influence jury decisions in criminal proceedings. They also must have good research skills because they may need to deal with complex laws or statutes while working on a case.


A corporate lawyer is a type of lawyer who works for corporations, large businesses, or other organizations. Their job is to draft legal agreements which are needed by their clients, advise them on new challenges that occur in the course of business, resolve contract disputes between companies, review any proposed mergers or acquisitions, determine whether existing company policies violate state or federal laws and deal with any tax-related matters concerning the corporation.

A corporate lawyer needs strong negotiation skills so they can reach mutually beneficial agreements with other companies’ representatives during contract negotiations. They also need to be able to evaluate complex information so they can advise their clients on how to best deal with legal matters and resolve disputes in the course of business. A corporate lawyer should have extensive knowledge of state and federal tax laws because it will influence many aspects of their job including the need for tax-related disclosure agreements, how to minimize taxes associated with mergers, acquisitions, or other business-related decisions, and making sure company policies do not violate state or federal law.

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