Where the voting took place, know from the mobile

In the previous post, we told you, ‘Whether your name is in the voter list or not’ If so, then this post is for you.

By the way, we get to know very easily through TV and newspaper. Where, how much voting took place, in which area what percentage was voted, but if you are in a place where there is no newspaper and TV facility, then you can get information about the voters present across the country in real time from your android mobile.

Where the voting took place, know from the mobile

To get the information of where the voting took place, you will have to install an app in your mobile called Voter Turnout, you can download this app for free from Google Play Store.

After the app is installed, open the app. In this, in the first page that will open, you will see Estimated Voter Turnout. In this, the report is given on the basis of state, you can get the complete status information of each state by tapping on the 3 line given at the bottom right.

For this, first you have to select the state, after that PC and AC will have to be selected, as soon as you click on OK, you will see its information on the screen.

Through this app, you can get complete information about the number of voters in real time and where the percentage of voting took place.

This app has been launched by the Election Commission, the Election Commission has now made it easy for the common citizens to know how many voters are present in which area, this app will provide real time voter attendance across the country.

Voter Turnout app shows voter attendance during the ongoing elections across the country in state wise and parliamentary constituency wise manner. In this, you can see the number of men women voters separately.

The app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times so far, Election Commissioner Sandeep Saxena said, adding that the Voter Turnout app will provide transparency on voter attendance to the public and the data at the parliamentary constituency level will be continuously updated through another app. , so that this app can give information in realtime.

Voter Turnout is a very amazing app for the information of where the voting took place, through this app you can get the voter information in different parliamentary constituencies of any state apart from seeing the estimated voter for every state, apart from this This app also shows polling at the level of assembly constituency.

I hope now you have come to know what is Voter Turnout and how much voting took place, now it must have become very easy for you to see if you like the post, then definitely share this post with your friends on social media.

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